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Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan Review

Ceiling fans are just the right mix of economy and grace when it comes to basic home appliances. They not only help to lower the sizzling hot temperatures in summers, but also add to the décor of homes, offices and other buildings. As compared to other cooling appliances, ceiling fans can save up to 15 % of the bills.

The choice of ceiling fans, over the years, has shifted a lot from the traditional models to more advanced ones in technology and style. Innumerable designs are available that could fit nearly anywhere to add to the aesthetic attraction of the particular place.

While choosing a fan for your home, it is important that you know what size of the fan will fit your room. In addition to the right size, finding the style that matches or contrasts your room design is very important. If you are searching to find best fans for your home or office, this article is going to be a great help for you as in this article, we will review one of the latest sensations in the ceiling fans’ world; the WESTINGHOUSE 7861400 INDUSTRIAL 56-INCH THREE-BLADE CEILING FAN .

At a glance, this fan is an ideal choice for indoor domestic and commercial use. There are so many positive things about this fan; to start with, let us talk about its size.

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fans

Size: The normal large size fans available in the market are 54”, but this fan defies the conventions and comes with 56” blades to sweep air to about 360 square feet. It means that the fan is made for relatively larger rooms and can cover up to an area of 18*20 feet.

Powerful Motor: Another feature that makes this fan one of the BEST CEILING FANS is its powerful motor. This fan is comprised of a 153*17 mm motor, which is cold rolled and equipped with sole capacitor to operate without a sound. The power of this motor is such that the airflow rate can rise up to 6,250 cubic feet per minute. The motor operates on 60 watts and when the efficiency (104 cubic feet per minute per watt) is compared with other DISCOUNT CEILING FANS, it certainly stands out from the lot.

Durability: This machine is designed to last for longer periods. The long trusted company Westinghouse has 120-years tradition of rigorous quality testing in the areas such as strength of the structure and the internal machinery it develops. They give 15 years of guarantee for this fan, which does not so seem unreal if we look at the track record of the company.

Design: The sleek design of the fan makes it very easy for the blades to move freely and perform air circulation in a wider area. The outer body is finished with nickel and the blades are iron made. In addition, the ball hanger mounting system further adds to the appeal of this fan.

Control: The feature that makes this fan the BEST CEILING FAN, according to the users, is the five-stage speed control, which comes with this fan as a wall unit. This feature enables any customer to adjust the ideal speed to his needs.


With a very powerful yet silent motor, the Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan promises to circulate air in large covered areas and open spaces for long time. Every part is made from the finest materials, which not only guarantees durability, but also adds to the beauty of the place where it is installed.

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