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Westinghouse 78108 petite 6-blade 30-inch 3-speed hugger-style ceiling fan with light review

A ceiling fan is a basic necessity in every family ranging from lower middle class to high class. A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan, suspended from the ceiling, uses hub-mounted rotation paddles and circulates air in the room. Every household wish to choose a fan that suits their room sixe and in the same place provides cooling. So now if you are searching for a trouble free and comprehensive ceiling fan you can check out on Westinghouse 78108 Petite 6-blade 30-inch 3-speed Hugger-Style ceiling fan with light review. It is the best ceiling fan that you can get for your family’s comfort. It values your money and provides you with all the best feature a budget product can have.

Westinghouse 78108 petite 6-blade 30-inch 3-speed hugger-style ceiling fan with light Review

Westinghouse ceiling fan let you enjoy the benefit of warm lighting and climate control. It is a stylish compact fan with 30-inch size which will suit all low ceiling and small size rooms for example bedrooms, kitchens and other spaces. It is installed with a whisper-quiet motor with a three-speed reversible switch which helps to customize air movement. It is the perfect choice that will suit your decor and provides your room with a stylish look. Among all the best ceiling fans that are there in the market this hugger-style ceiling fan is a smart buy for your home.


Pros of choosing this product


A right choice of your ceiling fan is when it provides you with many benefits. These benefits will induce you to buy the product. So here are some advantages of choosing Westinghouse hugger-style ceiling fan:


  • It is the perfect ceiling fan for small and tiny rooms.

  • It is quiet and does not make much sound.

  • Provides you with a lifetime warranty and two years parts warranty.

  • Westinghouse is one of the trusted brands as from past many years they have been serving people without much complains.

  • It is installed with a high-performance motor which works amazingly for longer number of hours.

  • It puts out a lot of air in the room whether it is on medium or high speed.

  • It is a great, simple and one of the cheap ceiling fans available with such superb functions.

  • It adds more value to a homeowner’s money because it is energy-saving product. It saves more energy than any other ceiling fans.

  • It has a reversible switch helps you to use the fan both in the summer as well as winter season.

Features of the product


There are number of qualities featuring this product. You can also get more information about the functioning of the product from Westinghouse 78108 petite 6-blade 30-inch 3-speed hugger style ceiling fan with light review. Some of the features are as listed below:


  • It is a six-blade ceiling fan which is an ideal choice for small size rooms.

  • It is installed with a 3-speed reversible switch.

  • It has a light in the centre of the fan with an opal mushroom glass.

  • It does not make much sound and has a high performing motor.

  • The size of the fan is 30 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height.

  • It weighs 11.1 pounds.

  • It is available in two different colours like white fan with white and whitewashed pine blades or antique brass with walnut and oak colour blades.

Cost an important issue


It is important to check for ceiling fan reviews before deciding whether this Westinghouse ceiling fan is the best ceiling fan you are getting. Along with the reviews it is also very important for you to check the price of this ceiling fan. Westinghouse is a trusted brand and provides you with the best in a modest price. They truly value the money of the homeowner. It is not at all expensive as it is made keeping in mind the small room of a lower middle class/ middle class families. You can even check for discount ceiling fans if there is any discount available for this product. It is well-designed and might not pinch your pocket much.

Westinghouse 78108 petite 6-blade 30-inch 3-speed hugger-style ceiling fan with light Review

You can order one for yourself just now!


These fans are easily available online in Amazon. You can just go to Google and type Westinghouse ceiling fans or you can directly go to their website. Try and buy from a trusted store where you can report if there is any kind of problem. But before buying do check out the reviews of the product.

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