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Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5 Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan Review

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling FanAfter you have read some CEILING FAN REVIEWS for the HUNTER 53091 BUILDER DELUXE 5 BLADE SINGLE LIGHT CEILING FAN, you will quickly find out why it is categorized among the BEST CEILING FANS in the market. It is soundless, energy efficient, affordable, and powerful and many other things, but most importantly, it is beautifully designed.

The manufacturer has perfectly combined traditional fan building techniques with modern design elements and created a striking indoor ceiling fan. The design and overall look of the fan is unlike any other. No matter what type of décor you are going for in your home, it will only complement your interior design.

The inside of the fan is just as brilliant as the outside, Hunter’s original WhisperWind motor is used to power the fan. The motor delivers silent, yet powerful, performance, which assures that your home stays noise free and cool.

Hunter has made sure that the Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan is easy to install. Anyone who knows their way around the toolbox can install the ceiling fan themselves, without calling in a handyman. The hanging installation system will allow you to connect the wires of the fan, without having to hold it up the whole time; though it is still recommended that you call in a professional to do the job, if you face any difficulties.

The manufacturer has used their 125 year experience to create the BEST CEILING FAN currently available in the market. The fan has five 52 inch blades, which are sufficient enough for rooms as large as 400 square feet. The powerful motor and the wide blades offer plenty of air movement. It will help you save big on your cooling costs.

The Hunter Builder Deluxe is available in three different colors; you can select the one that suits your interior. The fan also includes a light in the middle, with two candelabra sockets. The manufacturer includes two 60W bulbs with the fan, but you can choose to use LED candelabra bulbs instead. They are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs and help you save on your energy costs.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5 Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan includes a pull chain that can conveniently turn the fan on/off and can also be used to adjust the speed of the fan. If you want, you also have the option to purchase a remote control from Hunter. The remote control can use to control the fan’s operation, as well as the light. One of the easiest ways to know the fan well and to understand its features is by reading CEILING FAN REVIEWS which customers write online.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5 Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan

There is also a balance kit included in the package. This can come in handy when there is a slight wobble in the fan. The wobble will be visible when you run the fan at top speed. When you discover it, use the available balance kit to rectify it.

People, who are looking for CHEAP CEILING FANS or DISCOUNT CEILING FANS, should consider the Hunter Builder Deluxe. The fan not only delivers on the performance what it promises; it also provides homeowners with all the long term benefits of using this energy efficient fan.

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